Project Description

Powder-coated steel sculpture for Riverside Vector Authority

A joyously delicate piece, created through an intricate layering process.Mr. Dean is not only proficient in multiple medias, but he can also multi-task.
“Sometimes I like to work on different items at the same time; that allows me to step away from one piece and get a new perspective on the other.” – Jeff Dean

These organizations are very important and they have locations on 6 of the 7 continents. The mechanical steel base of this piece represents the effort of this organization as they try to keep disease carrying rats, ticks, and mosquitoes at bay. The bugs are on a wheel and are, supposedly, under control. The Norway rat is running up the base of the piece and might be headed to get caught up in the wheel of the machine. Or perhaps, he will escape. This detail gives the piece a little bit of excitement and mystery. The metal bugs are menacing too, like the rat, in that the bugs are much larger in scale. The Norway rat is fabricated out of steel coated with copper. The honey bee, deer tick, and green bottle fly are made our of steel and plated with nickel.

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