Project Description

Handrail on Ortega Hwy

For this elaborate indoor handrail I used three different diameter hammered bars, plus 1/8 inch for the twigs, and 3/16 steel plate for the leaves.  For the leaves I first cut the shape out, ground out the veins, and ground the edges down to 1/16. Then I chucked em up in a vice and hit it with a torch until it reached an orange glow so it was malleable. Then I simply bent it into my desired shape. Then I fabricated two sparrows and two caterpillars. The caterpillars are munching on some leaves while the sparrows are stalking the caterpillars.

Fabrication of Caterpillars

I started with a 1/2 inch round bar and ground out the groove between body segments to create the rounded edges. Then shaped the head with a grinder and welded on the legs. After that I brought him to orange glow with the torch and bent him into the shape.

Fabrication of Birds

For the birds I first cut the profile out of 3/8 inch steel. Then I welded them together and began welding and grinding to give them an initial shape.

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