Custom Metal Gates Orange County

Gates need to be strong while omitting the view of wheels and gaps. This is important to me. I insist on Fabricating everything. I don’t use castings or store-bought items. There are a lot of nice gates out there and they look good when your driving by, but a closer look might change your mind; 90% of the time, its just castings welded on to straight steel stock.

I always try to give life, or movement to my metal work by using shadows or gaps that allow light to shine through, or elements that line up with an established theme. A gate could be like a 20 foot long painting or mural that opens up to provide access to your driveway. I make sure there is no flat steel, I apply texture and variants.

I make my gates stout and strong. Not only do they need to look good but gates often get abused for one reason or another, such as a car accidentally running into it. For this reason it’s important to go the extra mile and ensure that gates are incredibly durable. The pillars must be strong and the cement footings have got to be large enough to house the pillars, otherwise the gate will sag after a few years. I take pride in my work, and I do what I say, I can make you a custom gate that will fit exactly what you’re looking for.

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