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Metal Working Artist & Welder
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I have been welding on an industrial, sculptural, and architectural level for more than 30 years.

On the industrial side, I have been involved in some of the largest infrastructure projects in the western United States, from desalination plants to massive bridges and water transmission.

While working the aforementioned jobs I made metal sculptures as a creative outlet. Over the years, friends, family, and neighbors took a liking to my endeavors and asked me to create garden gates, handrails, and sculptures for them. What started as a desire to maintain my sanity has slowly blossomed into a personally rewarding and fascinating business.

I have done work for some of California’s largest businesses (including personal work for their owners and executives) and a number of public organizations.

I was born in Escondido, California and have been driven throughout my entire life by my desire to create and produce only the highest quality work- for every client, from personal to corporate.

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Why Work With Me

First of all I’m friendly. Secondly, I understand the importance of communication. I will happily listen to your ideas, I will learn what themes are relevant to you, and I will study the decor of your home to make sure the piece I create for you will be complimentary. Lastly, I am very good at what I do.



Recent Work


“Jeff’s work is an extraordinary asset to our new headquarter building. These beautiful and educational sculptures capture the theme of controlling vectors in Southern California landscapes. Jeff approaches his pieces from a very artistic point of view while capturing the realism of the contents.”

Major Dhillon, Ph.D. , District Manager of Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control

“Jeff is a wonderful welder and a good man. He went above and beyond on the sculpture he made for me.”

Daniel Pritchett - Nuclear Health Physicist

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